REPLAY: Listen to top experts working for Criminal Justice Reform
Tuesday, April 21
7:00 pm Zoom Webinar
You are invited to attend
Talking Criminal Justice Reform with 
Trump Pardonees: Bernie Kerik and Pat Nolan 
A discussion with Utah Attorney General Candidate David Leavitt. 
Moderated by Brent Tolman.
A lively and exciting panel discussion about the necessity of criminal justice reform and the opportunity of second chances.

About the Webinar Participants:

Bernard B Kerik, one of the most dynamic, undisputed, controversial and accomplished leaders in law enforcement, correction, and national security in the United States. His unparalleled achievements as New York City's Police and Correction Commissioner, and his 30-year career in the criminal justice field, coupled with his later incarceration, which included time in solitary confinement, has provided Mr. Kerik with a unique and one-of-a kind perspective into the U.S. criminal justice and prison systems, prompting him to become an advocate for criminal justice and prison reform.

Pat Nolan is the Director of the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Nolan Center for Justice which informs and mobilizes public support for criminal justice reforms based on conservative principles. He is a leader of the Right on Crime project— a national movement of conservative leaders supporting sensible and proven reforms to our criminal justice system – policies that will contain prison costs while keeping the public safe.

David O. Leavitt, candidate for Utah Attorney General, current Utah County Attorney is implementing significant reforms to restore jury trials, create a pre-filing diversion program for non-violent offenders, unclogging the courts, and innovator of the screening process to create prosecutor checks and balances and accountability, with fewer plea bargains. My role is to protect the rights invested in the Constitution and to keep our Communities safe.

Brent Tolman, former U.S. Attorney, and founder of The Tolman Group focused on criminal justice reform and a frequent FOX-TV commentator will moderate the discussion.

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President Trump on Criminal Justice Reform

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“In a nation that incarcerates more people than 
anywhere in the world, we have work to do. 
Most of those are non-violent offenders. 
We have done a poor job at trying 
to help these offenders come back into society.”
- David O. Leavitt
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