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"David has taken the truly conservative approach to criminal justice - holding people accountable for their crimes but recognizing that the government's law enforcement resources are not without limit and therefore must be spent wisely.


By prioritizing prosecutions for violent crime, Leavitt has made all of Utah County a safer place to live. At the same time, he has worked to ensure that our criminal justice system works as our Founding Fathers intended. Leavitt does exactly what we should expect our public servants to do: follow the Constitution. It is for these reasons that CPAC urges all voters in Utah County to keep David in office this upcoming election."

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Prison for the violent
Redemption for the non-violent

"The violent and dangerous belong in prison. I’m proud of my record of prioritizing prosecution for the most violent criminals while creating a path to redemption for non-violent offenders."

- David Leavitt


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David went to law school intending to be a businessman.  However, a class on criminal justice in his last year of law school inspired him to forgo his initial plan and practice criminal law.


That was 32 years ago. During his 32 years in criminal justice, David has been  an elected county attorney (11 years), a criminal defense attorney (9 years) and a legal advisor to the Ukraine government and legal educator in Ukraine (12 years).   He’s personally represented over 1,000 criminal defendants on cases ranging from dog bites to murder, prosecuted (either personally or through his deputies) over 25,000 criminal cases of all kinds as the county attorney in Utah and Juab Counties.

Today, David is widely recognized in criminal justice circles as one of the leading conservative voices for criminal justice reform in the United States.  He serves on the Prosecutor’s Council of the American Conservative Union’s Center for Justice. He was recognized in 2019 as one of six American prosecutors most likely to change the current paradigm in criminal justice in the United States.


David and his wife Chelom have been married for 33 years and have nine children (ages 31 to 5).  In his spare time, David enjoys his very part time job as a luggage handler for Delta Air Lines.



Tough on Crime

David Leavitt has shifted the focus of his office toward prosecuting the worst offenders- violent criminals, prosecuting more cases and seeking longer sentencing

Reorganized the office and focused on the worst cases, now 19 of 21 felony trial lawyers are trained how to prosecute sex crimes, prioritizing sexual assault prosecution

Mandated the police to report every reported sex crime to the county attorney’s office because 77% of reported sex crimes were not being sent to the office. This resulted to more cases being referred for prosecution


Reforming Criminal Justice

Fight to ensure our rights and freedoms are protected- during COVID we saw firsthand how government can overreach, David stands for our Constitution

Create a model of criminal justice reform that focuses on crimes that hurt people

Non-jail punishments that make sense and change behavior for non-violent offenders so we can correct bad behavior rather than perpetuate a prison-industrial complex

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More Trials by Jury

Trial by jury instead of plea bargains are how we put violent criminals behind bars for good.

Plea bargains allow unelected, unaccountable prosecutors to make deals on sentencing. The result of this is shorter sentencing for violent offenders. Leavitt worked to reverse this trend

Leavitt’s office has pushed to try more cases and as a result of this, sentencing for the worst offenders has increased


Fully Qualified

The County Attorney acts as the primary civil attorney for the County, handling the County’s civil matters

As attorney for County Government, Leavitt has been an advocate for taxpayers and a good steward of taxpayer resources

Leavitt is the only candidate who has experience in civil matters and is fully qualified for the office of County Attorney





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